One MANI House, Fitzroy North


.. architecture is a necessity, not a luxury. One MANI House stands proud and smart, educating on how and why architecture should be accessible to all ..

MANI ARCHITECTURE present their first ONE MANI House. A house that was designed and built with the intention to educate on how architecture should be seen as a necessity rather than a luxury, as its stigma screams. One that when you understand what architecture can truly create, you understand the quality and investment it can add to a life. One MANI House wants to change this stigma; to educate, to teach, to showcase the importance of well designed and executed spaces with architecture that can be accessible to all.

ONE MANI House is smart and functional, a two storey home where no space is wasted, no space has been given to the unnecessary, only to the necessary. A design that adapts to the now quirky term ‘family’ and it’s varied situations and pressures of owning property. One MANI House stands smart and proud, showcasing the practicalities of living a quality life with all the bells and whistles. Here, a design adapts itself to the future.

MANI ARCHITECTURE pulled a team of local designers, suppliers, trades, makers and artists to help showcase the makeup of an affordable, highly functional, while still freakin’ cool looking piece of architecture. ONE MANI House bares all, hides nothing, its intention is to educate. It’s ins and outs to be explored. Designed to be open, like a gallery, skin bared, no secrets. The secret here will be no secret.  

We are sooooooo close to letting you see and experience accessible architecture, craftsmanship, materials and art. Architecture is a necessity.. we will let ONE MANI House show you.


#ManiMade #ManiArchitecture