10 (BIG) Reasons to use an Architect

MANI ARCHITECTURE says ‘ Use an Architect because … ’

  1. … your house is one of your biggest investments.

  2. … we add a tonne more value to your property.

  3. … we help you stick to a budget, making architecture affordable to you.

  4. … your quality of life is priceless.

  5. … you are unique, so should your house.

  6. … you wouldn’t buy a car that isn’t engineered.

  7. … there’s more to designing & building a house than you know.

  8. … the process is hard, we make it easy.

  9. … we make your dreams a reality.

  10. … you just should, and there are so many more reasons why …

Sara, René, Taeler + Trish



We are Mani Architecture

Sometimes life is hard, it throws a lot at you. With it, you either sink or swim. At Mani we always swim and this means we are swimming with you.

MANI ARCHITECTURE is a special place, it’s a place where four strong, passionate women hold their heads up high and do everything architecture aaaand interiors aaaand art.

Our little humble studio space is based in Fitzroy, but that doesn’t mean we won’t travel, we do. We work all over the place.. Melbourne, rural, down the coast, interstate, how about we just say anywhere.  

Here at Mani we design and execute your dreams, you hold onto us while we let you use our hands. Our hands can do a lot for you.

We specialise in residential architecture .. perhaps a new house, perhaps a little revamp to your existing house, perhaps an extension, even just a hand to help you place your furniture or to work out whether it’s worth even buying that house. No job is too big or too small for us at Mani, we want everyone to feel like someway or how they need help to live their best life.

We are Architects and Interior Designers and proud of it. We are approachable and proud of it. We are quirky and proud of it. We are not scared to get dirty and proud of it. We are all things architecture and interiors and proud of it.

So don’t be shy, we love a chat, we love to educate, we love to learn, we love to help. We are MANI ARCHITECTURE and proud of it

Sara, René, Taeler + Trish