When materials start telling the story you dreamed up in your head…

- 2015 -


Fishbowl House is now under construction and taking shape.

The plan is formed over the sloping site using a split level concrete slab.

The timber framing is beginning to shape the site with block-work walls and steel structure.

White concrete blocks forming the courtyards evoke a sense of the Mediterranean.

Large window openings visually connect internal spaces through external courtyards.

The curved brick walls are inviting and provide a sense of direction upon entry to the site.

We see the skilled trades execute their craft on site and bring Perimeter to life.

- 2015 -


In Italian Mani means hands.

The name MANI encompasses our desire to craft our work by using our hands which form our designs.

- 2014 -


Mani Architecture began a year ago today with Sara and Kathy.

Our relationship began with a passion to create inspiring spaces and an enthusiasm for the little details around us.

With this in mind we formed a studio dedicated to allowing our creative process run with ideas that explore the use of new materials and forms, creating a unique project each time.

By being involved personally in all of our projects and working closely with our clients, we establish a relationship that allows us to represent their needs.

Each project begins with a story, that is it’s own and we love to hear how our clients come to use the spaces we create for them to make it their home.

We love to see our projects come to life, evolve and create their own stories over time.

- 2014 -