MANI ARCHITECTURE comes from the Italian word ‘mani’ meaning hands. This simple word, is the ethos that is embodied in all MANI designs.

“We feel our hands are used as tools, to craft and explore the ideas in our mind. Our inspiration may come from a client story, material or object. The ideas are transformed into designs by using form and materiality. The result is a story that is unique to each project.”    - Sara & Kathy

MANI ARCHITECTURE approach each and every project with the dedication and motivation to change the way people perceive the built environment and interior spaces. Through experimentation and innovation MANI aims for a greater quality of life for both the client and their surrounding environment.

Mani Architecture aim to provide a comprehensive Architectural Service to a client base that share a desire for beautifully designed spaces and creative architectural form. With an aim to deliver a high quality understanding of their clients needs and are able to interpret their clients brief into a model for representing their clients’ values.